The tola is a traditional unit of mass derived from the Sanskrit root tol.  In centuries past, it was a standard measure for gold and silver bullion.  Still a popular denomination in certain gold markets around the world, the tola embodies the resilience of the ancient in ever-changing times.  In celebration of this rich cultural and tactile tradition, Tola Jewelry was born.  A fine jewelry line infusing modern sculptural shapes with a subtle old world aesthetic, each piece in the collection achieves balance and refinement through a rigorous study of form and finish.  Delicate yet substantial, understated yet distinct, Tola Jewelry's debut collection offers a line of modern handcrafted fine jewelry that is both contemporary and enduring. 


Tola Jewelry was created by San Francisco based designer, Shoma Lahiry.  Of  South Asian heritage, born in New England, and raised in Appalachia, Shoma spent her childhood immersed in the vibrant textures and tints of these varied terrains.  She first channeled this unique juxtaposition of origin and landscape while studying Creative Writing at the University of Pennsylvania.  Curious to explore a more physical means of narrative, she continued at her alma mater to earn a master's degree in architecture.  Shoma's path into jewelry design emerged organically from her upbringing and education.  Gold, an integral element of her family's culture and tradition, prompted her fascination for adornment from an early age.  In similar fashion, her architectural studies led her to explore the materiality and detailing of the built world, taking her from London to Paris, Rome, Tokyo, and beyond.  Inspired by the geometries and histories of her background, travels, and surroundings, Shoma eventually merged her passion and skill to launch Tola Jewelry in the fall of 2013.  Situating her designs on the border, her line inhabits the space that lies between East and West, traditional and modern, old and new.  Blending elements of her culturally diverse roots with a formal knowledge of design and construction, she delivers a fine jewelry collection for the discerning individual who celebrates a life of inspired simplicity. 


The balance of traditional and modern inspires Tola Jewelry's design process as well as aesthetic ideals.  In a continuing exploration of old and new, Tola Jewelry combines the ancient art of lost wax casting and traditional metalsmithing practices with three-dimensional digital fabrication and machine-made technologies.  Committed to environmental sustainability coupled with meticulous standards for design, materials, and consummate craftsmanship, all jewelry is handmade in the United States using responsibly sourced precious metals and stones.